About Us

Who We Are

The Community Liaison Committee for highway 104 at Antigonish consists of stakeholder representatives from the local community.  We act as a window to the construction of Highway 104 through Antigonish and the surrounding communities.  Our role is to provide information to area residents and businesses.  We also are a voice for local stakeholder issues, ideas and concerns with the project.

We are chaired by Ken Donnelly (Beyond Attitude Consulting) and are supported with technical assistance from Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

Our Mandate and Values

Our Mandate is to assure Antiognish and surrounding communities are updated on the construction process and have a voice which can express their issues, concerns or ideas in regards to the project.

We value communities and their opinions.  We also value stakeholder’s perspectives on projects and how it may influence their livelihoods.

We are here for you, whether you are an individual, a family or a business.  We are here to represent your perspectives and inform you of changes and updates on the Highway 104 project.