Remembering Brian Segal

Earlier this year the Community Liaison Committee lost a valuable member, Brian Segal. Brian passed away of heart failure in early February, after an inspiring battle against a sudden and difficult health challenge. Brian’s passing was also a loss to Antigonish, a community he dearly loved and in which he was very engaged. Brian’s obituary can be found here.

On the CLC, Brian was a force to be reckoned with. As a representative of the business community, he passionately advocated for methods to mitigate potential negative economic impacts of the twinned highway. However, he was also interested and vigilant in potential environmental impacts, safety, tourism, culture and many other issues related to the highway. He was also very committed to the CLC itself, and was convinced that a multi-stakeholder committee was the best way to ensure that there was effective communication between the people building the highway and the people in the community.

While we at the CLC mourn his loss, we also extend our condolences to everyone who misses Brian, most of all his wife Julia, his daughters Emma and Sarah, and the rest of Brian’s family. They are in our thoughts and prayers, and Brian will always be in our memory.