South River Bridge Fabrication

Last week, some of the staff at Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal visited the Cherubini Metals fabrication sites where they are constructing the parts for the South River Bridge.

Here is a photo of one of the completed girders with stiffeners and cross bracing inside. They are huge.

Photo of bridge girder

Girder Cross-section

Below is a photo of the manual welding of stiffeners to the inside of the web, as you can see they are laying flat right now but will be an amazing sight when they are lifted into place.

Manual Welding of Stiffeners

Manual Welding of Stiffeners

This is a photo of the two completed girder units with “Nelson Studs”( Nelson Studs are an advanced stud welding process) attached to the top flanges.  These studs make the steel girder and the concrete deck one unit.  These two girder units (one is primed and one is not) are pre-fit together so the splicing plates which connect them will fit perfectly when assembled on site, just like snapping legos together!

Two completed girder units with “Nelson studs” attached to the top flanges

Two completed girder units with “Nelson studs” attached to the top flanges

As well, the picture below shows a man conducting ultrasonic testing to ensure all welds are done to high standards.  This testing process is part of the quality and control of the welding happening throughout the South River Bridge Fabrication.

A worker conducting ultrasonic testing

A man conducing ultrasonic testing

It is very impressive to see work done on such enormous pieces of the bridge, and to see the quality of work being done by the people doing the manufacturing. When done, the South River Bridge we be a spectacular sight to see.

We will constantly be keeping you updated on the Phase 2 process and there will be more photos to come.