Phase 2 Map Available

Wondering how Phase 2 of the twinning project will meet up with Phase 1? Trying to figure out how you will access the highway when it is complete? Maybe you are wondering what South Side Harbour Road will look like when the project is done.

We have the latest map available to help answer your questions. It gives you all of the details from Beech Hill Road to Taylor Road. You can download the map of Antigonish Phase 2 and examine it in more detail.

Update (September 2, 2013): We have available now a revised map of Antigonish Phase 2, which reflects the modifications made in the project.  One such modification is the new alignment of the bridge which both shortens it and saves on cost. The final alignment is subject to minor changes as required on site.

Update (January 15, 2013): A revised map is available.